Glen Beck speech – What do I think about it?

This post is a work-in-process as I am listening again to his entire speech. You can find it on C-SPAN.  –

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Immersed in Thoughts about Brain Ruminations

Most of the day I have been immersed in thoughts about this blog. More befitting to describe the experience would be: submerged in a cerebration, not being able to see the surface where the justification and objectives might be found.

What is the purpose of this blog? Is it an egotistical trip? What qualify me to write it? Who is going to read it? Who would be interested in my “ruminations”? What category or categories should it be positioned? What needs does it meet? What cause or causes does it defend or attack? From what political, ideological, religious or economic perspective should it be formulated? Who among my family and friends it is going to antagonize or offend?

To answer these questions -and others unintentionally omitted- the cerebral ruminations will have to continue. Meanwhile, it is simple, this is a journal. I need no reason, no readers, no fame. I only need to express myself and in the process shed some of my fears and frustrations. Perhaps grow emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. Perhaps it will serve to avoid or at least postpone dementia.

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My facebook page always asks me: “what are you thinking?”

“What are you thinking?” this little block on top of my facebook page asks me every time I open it. I never took it seriously, I thought it trivial and impertinent. Today I did not see, much less read the question, I heard a shout: “hey, David, don’t you ever have a thought” and I felt offended and embarrassed. Of course I do, I responded to myself, I am always thinking, ruminating, soliciting and assimilating ideas; contemplating the surroundings , deliberating controversies, figuring alternatives, constructing convictions, questioning assumptions, rationalizing actions and behaviors, dreaming -day and night, experiencing emotions -happiness, sadness, compassion, indifference, concern, apathy, pride, shame, lucidity, confusion- meditating and pondering on the meaning of it all. YES I am thinking! and I am going to attempt to express it the best I can with my limited talent for clear and concise expression.
YES I am thinking! I am always thinking! It is just difficult to translate that process into words. But I am going to attempt  to communicate it the best I can with my limited talent for clear and concise expression. So, yes, this block is going to be filled more often answering the impertinent question. It will be written sometimes in English y otras veces en español. TO BE CONTINUED – Continuará…

Well, that is what I wrote last night for my facebook. Then came the frustration: it was too long, so I had to break it up into three parts in order to post it.  Then I thought: if I want to attempt to express what I am thinking, how can I do it?

I am a Cuban bloggers freak. I follow over 20 blogs from Cuba on a regular basis, including, of course, Yoani Sanchez’ Generation Y daily. Therefor a Blog was the answer and Brain Ruminations was born.

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