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Born in Banes, Oriente, Cuba a cool, humid early morning in the United Fruit Sugar Company Hospital during the last weeks of World War II. Lived in many places, studied in many schools, exposed to many ideas: Banes - Colegio Los Amigos (Quaker); Puerto Padre - Colegio Wilminton (Quaker); Berea, Santa Clara (Interdenominational); Holguin, Cuba - Colegio Los Amigos (Quaker); Cardenas, Matanzas - Colegio La Progresiva (Presbyterian). Berea, Kentucky - Berea College Foundation School (Interdenominational) El Paso, Texas - Irvin High School (Public); Miami, Florida - Dade County Junior College (Public) - Florida International University (Public); Los Angeles, California (Pace Magazine, Up with People) From 1964 to 1965 visited most mayor universities in the SE of the US, as part of a group of speakers sponsored by Moral Re-Armament and inspired by Peter Howard's challenge to change the world through a personal moral re-evaluation. From 1965 to 1970 Traveled extensively with the musical movement Up With People. Visited many places, met many people, lived with many families: 42 States of the United States and Puerto Rico, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, England, Spain and Portugal. Worked as: Payroll Analyst - ADP, Miami Fl.; Budget & Planning analyst - Milgo Electronics, Miami Fl; Sales Manager - Airways and Airliner Hotels, Miami, Fl; Musical groups promoter - Megatalent Associates, Miami, Fl, Food & Beverage Director, Holiday Inn, Miami, Fl; Lipstik Club, Co-Manager, South Miami and North Miami, Fl; Crazy Jim Club, Gen. Mgr. Hollywood, Fl; Yvor Strip Club, Gen. Mgr. Tampa Fl; Utopia Club, St. Petersburg, Fl; Ponce de Leon Hotel, Front Desk Clerk, St. Petersburg, Fl; retired in St Petersburg, Fl.

If you are traveling to Cuba… Make a Pledge!

Please, if you are traveling to Cuba, keep in mind that behind the facade of beautiful countryside views, with its ever-present majestic Royal Palm tree; behind the 50s automobiles giving you a back to the future tour experience; behind the … Continue reading

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How long are we going to allow the powerful weapon industry to manipulate and mislead us?

How often we will continue to be in front of our television crying in agony because another father and mother suffer the loss of a child killed by a random bullet? Are we totally incapable and powerless to stop the … Continue reading

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A Century and a Half Later a Child is killed with Impunity

I have been reading Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist. Dickens describes England in the mid 1800’s. Orphan children were a worthless burden to society. They were fed as little as possible in the hope that they will die at an early … Continue reading

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Are Americans as Stupid and Ignorant as the Republican Presidential Candidate Treats Them?

If I had to characterize the ongoing Republican presidential campaign in a few words, I would have to say it is a long, twisted road overabundant with misinformation, exaggerations, and lies designed to deceit, confuse and scare the voters. It … Continue reading

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Republican majority? A disastrous misfortune

I’ve got to, got to, got to say it! I am asphyxiating from holding it back. It must be said: Let’s not allow the Republican party to gain a majority in the House or the Senate. It is sad that … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck – savior, entertainer or megalomaniac?

Before this weekend I thought of Glenn Beck as another loud mouth TV pundit. In a few occasions I found him mildly and perhaps cheaply entertaining. I did not agree with the way he uses and manipulates the fear and … Continue reading

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A challege to Christians of all persuations

No need to comment. My thought for the moment: “Giving all Diligence, add to your Faith, Virtue; and to Virtue, Knowledge; and to Knowledge, Temperance; and to Temperance, Patience; and to Patience, Godliness; and to Godliness, Brotherly Kindness; and to … Continue reading

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