It is difficult to write about myself, but this is a Journal written to be shared. A journal is personal, therefor my readers should know a little about myself. But, if I write about my qualities, I will exaggerate the positive ones, minimize the indifferent ones, and avoid the negative ones.  If I write about my interests, I will emphasize the brilliant ones, curtail the average ones, and, of course, refrain from exposing the obscure ones.

If I write chronologically about my life, highlighting a few events, I might avoid the above pitfalls. No, that is impossible because I will mention selected events that will make me look good and interesting. As I have said in one of my Post, writing is difficult, but I am learning that it is OK, because life is difficult. (good subject for ruminating)

…to be continued (because I don’t know how to save this as a draft)


2 Responses to About

  1. Sam Cannon` says:

    One looks for something new!

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