Are Americans as Stupid and Ignorant as the Republican Presidential Candidate Treats Them?

If I had to characterize the ongoing Republican presidential campaign in a few words, I would have to say it is a long, twisted road overabundant with misinformation, exaggerations, and lies designed to deceit, confuse and scare the voters. It is also designed to enlist those voters who are convinced, thanks to the Republican party, with the assistant of powerful reactionary ‘family values” non-profit groups, and, lets not forget Fox networks, that President Barack Obama is a  Muslim, socialist-communist, foreign, and quietly, whispering: BLACK, working to destroy the White American values of our founding fathers and capitalism.

The evidence, therefore, the truth, is that the President is a self-described Christian (whatever that means because today been a Christian can mean somewhere between “love your neighbor as yourself” and “let your neighbor fence for him self” meaning let the capitalist market place take care of all the woes in society.) Who, other than an omniscient God, has the power to judge whether or not he is a Christian? Oh, yes, the “real”, “born again”, “self-righteous” bunch, lead by the money-making, fear mongering, anti-social  religious machine, they have the answer: he is a dangerous Muslim! And that’s that. The judgment stands.

President Obama might be view by History as the president that saved Capitalism and its excesses. (A hyperbolic statement? Maybe, but not as hyper as most political conversation today). He saved not only General Motor, but also the American auto industry, period. I remember as a Republican when what was good for GM was good for America – or what was good for America was good for GM – something like that. Remember?  He saved the American, perhaps the global financial system from self-destruction and total collapse. Many of us learned from this crisis that the number one enemy of Capitalism is the unbridled, unregulated, greedy capitalist. Unfortunately, many Americans forgot, or never knew, never understood, how close we were to a financial meltdown and who was responsible for this crisis.

The lie and controversy about being foreign-born would have never been concocted and fabricated if the President was white, which brings us to the quiet whispering, off the record: he is black, OMG: BLACK! Let’s face it: we are bigoted people in a racist society. It hurts to say that. It hurts because I like to believe that it is not true. I like to believe that we are a more advanced, more civilized, more fair. Fairness is important in our Americanism, in the way that capitalism should perform. It really hurts to admit that, but it has to be said if we are to understand this “foreign born” “Muslim” invention. Also is important to say it because maybe, hopefully, stretching my optimism, we can open our minds and hearts to take a careful, honest look at our views and opinions concerning races, and what type of emotions this subject emote.

Are the voters so ignorant and bigoted to accept this deceit? No they are not. I have always thought that this nation’s electorate, some how, like magic, is able to choose the president needed for the moment. I will continue to hope and pray that it is still true. Bigotry and deceit can not be part of our democratic society in the 21st Century and the voters will not allow it.

Oh, and yes, for the time being, I will continue to enjoy the most entertaining, comical and absurd political campaign in my life time.

PS: I wrote the above rumination a few weeks ago when a Santorum’s supporter called President Obama a Muslim. Santorum smiled, looked down and did not correct the ignorant utterance. We all remember how Senator McCain dealt with exactly the same situation during his presidential campaign. I thought at the time that what I wrote was out of date. But yesterday Santorum, in his own words, continued the deceitful insinuations, and then one of his staff, in trying to clarify what Santorum had said the day before had a slip of the tongue herself and called President Obama’s policies “Islamic”.(By the way if I knew Arabic I would like to be call a Muslim – “one who submits to God”)


About David Sierra-Bolet

Born in Banes, Oriente, Cuba a cool, humid early morning in the United Fruit Sugar Company Hospital during the last weeks of World War II. Lived in many places, studied in many schools, exposed to many ideas: Banes - Colegio Los Amigos (Quaker); Puerto Padre - Colegio Wilminton (Quaker); Berea, Santa Clara (Interdenominational); Holguin, Cuba - Colegio Los Amigos (Quaker); Cardenas, Matanzas - Colegio La Progresiva (Presbyterian). Berea, Kentucky - Berea College Foundation School (Interdenominational) El Paso, Texas - Irvin High School (Public); Miami, Florida - Dade County Junior College (Public) - Florida International University (Public); Los Angeles, California (Pace Magazine, Up with People) From 1964 to 1965 visited most mayor universities in the SE of the US, as part of a group of speakers sponsored by Moral Re-Armament and inspired by Peter Howard's challenge to change the world through a personal moral re-evaluation. From 1965 to 1970 Traveled extensively with the musical movement Up With People. Visited many places, met many people, lived with many families: 42 States of the United States and Puerto Rico, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, England, Spain and Portugal. Worked as: Payroll Analyst - ADP, Miami Fl.; Budget & Planning analyst - Milgo Electronics, Miami Fl; Sales Manager - Airways and Airliner Hotels, Miami, Fl; Musical groups promoter - Megatalent Associates, Miami, Fl, Food & Beverage Director, Holiday Inn, Miami, Fl; Lipstik Club, Co-Manager, South Miami and North Miami, Fl; Crazy Jim Club, Gen. Mgr. Hollywood, Fl; Yvor Strip Club, Gen. Mgr. Tampa Fl; Utopia Club, St. Petersburg, Fl; Ponce de Leon Hotel, Front Desk Clerk, St. Petersburg, Fl; retired in St Petersburg, Fl.
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