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Republican majority? A disastrous misfortune

I’ve got to, got to, got to say it! I am asphyxiating from holding it back. It must be said: Let’s not allow the Republican party to gain a majority in the House or the Senate. It is sad that … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck – savior, entertainer or megalomaniac?

Before this weekend I thought of Glenn Beck as another loud mouth TV pundit. In a few occasions I found him mildly and perhaps cheaply entertaining. I did not agree with the way he uses and manipulates the fear and … Continue reading

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A challege to Christians of all persuations

No need to comment. My thought for the moment: “Giving all Diligence, add to your Faith, Virtue; and to Virtue, Knowledge; and to Knowledge, Temperance; and to Temperance, Patience; and to Patience, Godliness; and to Godliness, Brotherly Kindness; and to … Continue reading

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Glen Beck speech – What do I think about it?

This post is a work-in-process as I am listening again to his entire speech. You can find it on C-SPAN.  –

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Immersed in Thoughts about Brain Ruminations

Most of the day I have been immersed in thoughts about this blog. More befitting to describe the experience would be: submerged in a cerebration, not being able to see the surface where the justification and objectives might be found. … Continue reading

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My facebook page always asks me: “what are you thinking?”

“What are you thinking?” this little block on top of my facebook page asks me every time I open it. I never took it seriously, I thought it trivial and impertinent. Today I did not see, much less read the … Continue reading

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